Update of RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme
Update of RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme
31 May 2022

# 1,269 Safety Committees have been trained to address and monitor workplace safety to date.

# Safety Committee Training Progress (June 2020 - May 2022)

SCST statistics quarter wise (2020-21 Q1: Jun 20 - Aug 20, Q2: Sept 20 - Nov 20, Q3: Dec 20 - Feb 21, Q4: Mar 21 - May 21. 2021-22 Q1: Jun 21 - Aug 21, Q2: Sept 21 – Nov 21, Q3: Dec 21 – Feb 22, Q4: Mar 22 - May 22)

The Safety Committee trainings have resumed field activities since December 2021. Simultaneously the sessions were also conducted via teleconference during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the training sessions, the trainers distribute to factories informational materials on COVID-19 prepared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Government of Bangladesh. The Trainers are also discuss the Brand provided Checklist- ‘COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Guidelines’ to the Factories, in order to give a Refresher to the Factory Safety Committee.

# All Employee Meeting (AEM) & Informational Session Progress (as of May 2022)

- All Employee Meeting - 01 completed at factories ( 1,126 as of May 2022).
- All Employee Meeting - 02 completed at factories ( 931 as of May 2022).
- All Employee Meeting - 03 completed at factories ( 334 as of May 2022).
Note: No Brand factories are not considered in the given statistics.

The RSC SCST Department has resumed the AEM from March 2022. Until now the AEMs are ongoing. The RSC is scheduling the AEMS after reducing the COVID 19 outbreak. The AEMS had to be put on hold from March 2020 to December 2021 due to COVID 19.

# RSC Trainer’s Facilitation @ Safety Committee meeting (June 2020 to May 2022)

During the periods from June 2020 - May 2022, a total of 1,606 Safety Committee Meeting sessions has been completed at factories.

# Resumption Sessions {Non trained Safety Committee members (June 2020- May 2022)}

- The resumption sessions are designed for new and/or not-trained Safety Committee members who didn’t attend at least 6 sessions out of total 8 RSC modules held at the original schedule for various reasons i.e., Newly appointed, absent at workplace, expire of Safety Committee tenure etc. These resumption sessions will enable to have a Safety Committee well equipped with workplace health and safety knowledge.

Functioning Safety Committees are key to ensuring that factories become – and stay – safe workplaces.

Safety Committees:

  • Conduct Safety Committee Walk through (SCWT) a Safety tour on the floors to identify safety hazards;
  • Safety Committee Co-Chairs need to be present in the RSC Inspections conducted by the RSC Engineers from opening meeting, inspection time and at the closing meeting in order to understand the hazards identified during the inspection.
  • Respond to workers’ health and safety complaints;
  • Actively communicate about safety and health issues to workers;
  • Review company accident reports to learn how such accidents can be prevented;
  • Aim to meet regularly, at least once every three months.

Highlights of the Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme 

8 Session Safety Committee Training Curriculum

The RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) programme currently consists of 8 training modules. The training modules are developed for the factory’s Safety Committee members. The training sessions address the Safety Committee’s role in monitoring factory remediation, identifying safety hazards, handling health and safety complaints, and protecting workers’ right to Freedom of Association in relation to protecting their own safety.

As part of the training, the factory Safety Committee together with the RSC trainer conduct walk-throughs of the factory to identify actual or potential safety hazards such as inadequate use of machines, obstacles on the work floor, or poor ventilation and lighting. The Safety Committee further supervise the remediation of these safety issues.

3 All Employee Meetings

During All Employee Meetings, factory production is halted, and a presentation is given to every worker and member of management on site. The members of the Safety Committee are introduced to the workforce and information is provided on how to identify and reduce common safety hazards, how to safely evacuate the factory in case of fire or other emergencies, and how to use OSHCM. At the end of each meeting, the workers receive a booklet reiterating the information presented. You can view the booklets at these links: Booklet for workers I / Booklet for workers II / Booklet for workers III.

Ongoing Support

To ensure that the Safety Committees are meeting their obligations on factory level safety, the Committees are provided with ongoing support such as the facilitation of their regular meetings. Wherever possible, the Safety Committee is fully involved in the monitoring of the implementation of RSC safety requirements that may emerge from any factory inspection.